Molde de copa de plástico PS
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Molde de copa de plástico PS

El molde de copa de plástico PS es un molde de inyección de mayor precisión con 8 cavidades para moldes de alta velocidad de alto volumen. Cubiertos de plástico desechables para aerolíneas, como moldes de vasos de plástico PS, moldes de tenedores y cucharas de plástico y moldes de bandejas de plástico.
Molde Name:Plastic PS Cup Mold
Tamaño del producto: 250 ml
Descripción del producto
8g PS Cup:Mould Cavity:4 cavidades y 8 cavidades
Molde Size:as diseño
Máquina adecuada: 200 toneladas
Material principal del molde: tratamiento térmico S136
Sistema de inyección de moldes: sistema de compuerta de válvula YUDO
Sistema de expulsión de moldes: ventilación de aire
Tiempo de ciclo del molde: 3,5 segundos
Molde Running:3M
Tiempo de entrega: 55 días laborables
Características del molde: diseño de enclavamiento separado con el mejor enfriamiento y un acabado de alto brillo del carácter del molde. Herramientas de alta precisión con un estricto control de control de calidad de la dimensión del molde de copa de plástico.

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producto descripción

Product Introduction

Plastic PS cup mould is higher precision injection mould 8cavities for high volume high speed mould. airline disposable plastic cutlery, such as plastic PS cups mould, plastic fork and spoon mould and plastic trays mould. 

Product Parameter (Specification)

Mould Name

Plastic PS Cup Mould

Product Size


Product Description

8g PS Cup

Mould Cavity

4 cavity and 8 cavity

Mould Size

as design

Suitable Machine

200 ton

Mould Main Material

S136 heat treatment

Mould Injection System

YUDO Valve gate system

Mould Ejection System

air vent 

Mould Cycle Time

3.5 Seconds 

Mould Running


Delivery Time

55 Working Days

Mould Features

Separate interlocking design with best cooling and high polish finish of moulding character High precision tooling with strict QC control of dimension of plastic cup mould

Product Feature And Application

Professional thin-walled mold, ultra-thin bowl products, customized delivery time of 40 days,1 cavity,2cavitys,4cavitys also to make it good.With high-speed injection molding machine, can quickly improve the output, we can also help you with a set of injection molding machine shipped to your country, looking for our cooperation is really convenient and fast, good after-sales service. Mold quality problems within a year, free warranty, free mold vulnerable parts.Wechat:249994163 Libby ye cantact number:008615867668057

Hongmeimould design--- China Excellent mould supplier

The core of mold life! Good mold structure design is the premise of a qualified mold manufacturing. Our mold designers and stylists have more than 10 years of professional mold design and manufacturing experience, and can analyze the mold structure and product structure in all aspects (including: mold flow analysis, mold demoulding slope, product surface miniature, gating system design, exhaust system design, cooling system design) The most important and easy problems of these molds will be repeatedly tested during mold structure design.

customized fine mold structure for customers to meet the module requirements of customers.

Mould provides knowledge and experience to share and discuss with customers, puts forward technology forward ideas, participates in customer product design, we will timely pass on product structure design, product mold manufacturability, mold drawings and 3D to customers, give customers a direct view, inform customers about product design opinions, mold manufacturing ideas, and shoulder to shoulder with customers to avoid development risks.

Hongmeimould flow analysis--- China Excellent mould supplier

Hong Mei Mould Plastic will provide customer flow analysis, and use simulation software to verify the basic details of filling process, dissolution wiring, deformation and other die design. These characteristics will define the high quality of the die to ensure the accuracy of the initial stage of the project, so as to ensure the success at T1.

Mould Design Center-Project Management--- China Excellent mould supplier

In many stages of project development, project personnel and technical designers discuss design, development and manufacturing in strict accordance with project management methods, in order to provide customers with the most perfect solutions and ensure that the quality of project development exceeds customer requirements.

HongmeiMold maintenance--- China Excellent mould supplier

Mold maintenance is more important than mold maintenance, the more times mold repair, the shorter its life; and the better mold maintenance, the longer its service life. Mold maintenance is mainly divided into three points:

1. Daily maintenance: all kinds of moving parts such as thimble, row position, guide pillar, guide sleeve oil, mold surface cleaning, water drainage, this is the mold production daily maintenance. 

2. Regular maintenance: regular maintenance includes cleaning the exhaust groove, adding exhaust gas to the burning black position, and correcting the damaged and worn parts. 

3. Appearance maintenance: paint the outside of the die to avoid rusting. When lowering the mold, the fixed and moving mold should be coated with antirust oil. The mold should be closed tightly to prevent dust from entering the cavity.

Hongmei Mold steel--- China Excellent mould supplier

Our service:

1: Prompt response (respond within 1~10 hours);

2: Complete quality control system for every stage of production;

3: Competitive price with good quality;

4: Advanced project tracking system, delivery on time(4~7 weeks);

5: Rich Experiences in exporting molds to overseas markets;

Choose mould steel directly determine the length of mold life! According to the module requirements of the products, we select cost-effective mold materials for each customer. On the premise of meeting the product requirements, we can also reduce unnecessary cost waste for customers.

Mold desgin show

what information shall you tell us?

If you have new products need to be designed, kindly tell us your idea:

-what is the product

-the function of the product

-the annually quantity

-any requirement for the product

-send your CAD file (if have) 

Mold process mould show

Mould Design Center-Project Management

In many stages of project development, project personnel and technical designers strictly follow the project management method to discuss design, development and manufacturing in order to provide customers with the most perfect scheme and ensure that the quality of project development exceeds customer requirements.

Quality inspection is carried out by quality personnel after parts purchasing, processing and die testing to ensure quality.

The main inspection methods are incoming inspection, on-line inspection, off-line inspection, assembly inspection and T1 inspection.

Mold Test

Product Details

Technical points of ultra-thin high-speed injection mold:

1. Specially designed the zero degree four Buick system of ultra-thin injection mold

2. Injection system design and special cooling system

3. High precision machining process

4. Select steel material for each part of mould

5. Exhaust system specially designed for thin wall mold

6. High speed injection molding system

7. The design of die internal sticking


Our fast food box mold models are:

500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1250ml, 1500ml, etc., square and round


From 100ml upto 1500ml box mould, round box mould, thinwall IML molding box get high production capacity for profit.

To make thinwall food container, SINO design multi-cavity thinwall container in separate cavity molding inserts locking system, this not only saving the tooling period time, but also can avoid the tooling mistake risk for high precision tooling process.

With choosing high speed milling machine, valve gate system for fast flow of the raw material inside the cavity, effective cooling system for the mould temperature control and high speed moving of each step. Sino also offer IML molding system and robot automation for food container moulds. 

 Mould Name: Thinwall Food Container Mould

 Product Size: 500ml

 Product Description: Thinwall Food Container

 Mould Cavity: 4+4 cavities

 Mould Size: 550x550x700mm

 Suitable Machine:200-400Ton

 Mould Main Material: S136

Mould Injection System:Youdu valve gate system + 8 tips hot runner

 Mould Ejection System: air vent

 Mould Cycle Time: 6.7 Seconds

 Mould Running: 3M

 Delivery Time: 65 working days

 Mould Features: stacking mould with high speed molding


The quotation will be offered based on the samples,or part drawing,or the sample photos.

Hongmei Mould Plastic co.,ltd will satisfies you both in mould quality and mould price.

We are looking forward to a solid cooperation with you.

Following is the main informations for your reference.

Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We usually delivery the moulds and machinery parts by sea/DHL/FedEx/TNT, according to the customers. 

More mold knowledge please consult Ms. Libby ye: 15867668057. Looking forward to your inquiry, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality service, many years of mold development experience, can be customized according to the requirements, focus on mold processing customization, our company will provide a set of detailed mold maintenance and repair reference materials, customers can maintain the mold according to the information. If there are technical problems, please contact us!



1.R&D:We support customer R&D. Make the files or improve the design if you needed

2.Negotiation:Material, Quality, Price, Payment terms, Delivery time etc.

3.Place an order:According to your own design or you chooses our design.

4. Mould:According to clients request to build the mould. Before make the mould, we send mould design to customer for approval, before delivery we send samples& test video to clients for confirm.

5. Sample shoot:If the first sample come out is not satisfied customer, we modify the mould and until meet customers satisfactory.

6.Products in store:If your quantity is beyond our storage, we will provide lead time to you.

7. Delivery time:Delivery by sea or air which according to client’s requirement.

Mould Manufacturing Culture and service

HongMei Mould’s mold manufacturing culture is particular. We believes that if we do everything based on RESPONSIBILITY, all thing are well done. Thus, our Mold Manufacturing core culture is responsibility.

Sino Mould has so many important points and all of them must be well done during the mold manufacturing. The action included:

-Inquiry from customer before mold manufacturing.

During this processing, the communicators of both sides should offer the correct information or specification to be sure that the pricing and technical points are meeting buyer's requirements.

-During the Manufacturing, the designer needs to be responsible to make the mold design. This responsibility is to customer and to company too, he has to consider how the customer use this mold, how to design the mold into long life tool, how to design the related components to make it easier tooling during the Mold Manufacturing and higher precision. These considerations only can be done by the responsible person, though Sino Mould has the rigorous QC for the mold design.

-Mold components machining during the Mold Manufacturing.

The machine operators with strong responsibilities, then the mold components can be precise enough to meet the drawings tolerance requirements. Here the responsibilities are indicated by careful steel installation, rigorous machining process following and rigorous dimension controlling during and after the machining. Otherwise, the errors will extend to the next processing. This will cause the terrible delaying on the mold shipment.

-Mold components dimension controlling after the machining. During the Manufacturing, the cavities, cores and other mold components, after the machining, they need serious dimension controlling. CAM team is responsible to be sure that all the dimensions are according with the drawings.

And Mold assembling workshop, mold mass production simulation workshop, all of them they need to be responsible to be sure that the Mold Manufacturing is successful and the delivered mold is top quality according with HongMei Mould standard.

HongMei Mould is a responsible mold manufacturer, this kept Hongmei Mould continues developing, and Sino teams are keeping the biggest responsibilities to customer, considering the customer's willing, doing what customer needs. We responsible for himself, for their family, for their organization and for their community.

Three-coordinate Detection: The product is manufactured, and three-coordinate inspection is adopted to ensure product quality.




Wechat: 249994163

Email:[email protected]/ [email protected]

Persona de contacto: Ms.Yeliping (Libby) (Gerente general)

Para obtener más detalles, no dude en contactarnos.

Muchas gracias !

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4, tipo de molde de acero,

P20, 718, 2344, H13, S136,2316 y así sucesivamente.

5, parámetro de la máquina de inyección o tamaño de la placa (distancia de la barra de acoplamiento)

6:3 ~ 15 días para el diseño del molde del producto, 15 ~ 60 días para la producción del molde después del pago del depósito y confirmado el diseño del molde

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